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ChenOne Foundation:


ChenOne foundation is a non-profit welfare organization, registered under Societies Registration Act 1860, in November, 2010, but is pragmatically in operations since last many years, working for the neglected niche of the society. With the backdrop of immense deprivation of health care facilities in Pakistan and perceiving it as the most primary aspect of life, the foundation has been fundamentally involved in various pursuits of health care facilitation for the community. Besides, ChenOne foundation has been attached and involved in many tasks of social and cultural enlightenment. The core thrusts of the foundation are Education, health care and community building which entails activities for women empowerment, children welfare and relief efforts during and after natural calamities have emerged. Having a significant rear of a preferential brand, ChenOne foundation has been tremendously vigorous and dynamic in its evolution with its resolute and wide-ranging directive of social progress and development.


Foundation Structure


  • Cardiac Care Unit ( CCU)
  • Clinical Lab
  • Liver Clinic & General Hospital
  • Guncha e Noor Trust Hospital



Objectives of Foundation:


·        ChenOne foundation has an all-encompassing objective of community well-being and restoration, all of its diverse undertakings comply with this sole aim of the foundation.

·        ChenOne foundation aims to enhance the persistent provision of first-rate medical and health facilities to the deserted segregations of the society.

·        The foundation pledges to work in coalition as well as independently for all the community reinstatement programs in any national calamity that might cross the country.

·        Considering the intellectual strength as the primary credential to the community elucidation, ChenOne foundation deems to facilitate the process of educational evolution in the country. And in this pursuit, it looks forward to enter into affiliation with various educational institutions so that the opportunities of gratis education could be made possible for the needy students.

·        Pertaining to the prevalence of unemployment and redundancy in the country, ChenOne wants to endorse vocational and technical education in Pakistan, acting as a platform of benefaction in many prospective aspects.

·        ChenOne foundation believes to support and elaborate the right notion of women empowerment in Pakistan. Considering this fact, the foundation wants to pursue many projects of women education, vocational training and employment as an aid to enhance the status of women as well the economy of the country.

·        The foundation has been and further wants to pursue in the spectrum of credit fund establishment or micro finance support programs for the deprived community in the spirit of its genuine contribution towards the reduction of unemployment and prevailing poverty.

·        As farmer lies at the basic fraction of our economy, ChenOne foundation wants to establish farmer awareness and training programs to increase their farming as well as business acumen.  

Story of Naseem Bibi
"Please help us, it has been 14 days and we are compelled to reside in a broken tent on the embankment of this canal, there is no food, no clean drinking water and my only child is suffering from severe fever".


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